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“ I cannot begin to tell you the number of trainers I have been to,  all promising to transform my body and delivery the results I wanted. 
I was introduced to Amanda through a client of mine, (who had an incredible body due to  Amanda’s training).  I was a bit skeptical, but from my first meeting with her I knew she could deliver the results that I was looking for. 
Not only did I notice results within 2 weeks, but she leaned me out and I went from a size 6-8 down to a 2!!! With all her training and diet planning experience there was no chance for failure!!!!
 I have now moved to Quebec and have not found anyone who comes close to her training abilities. So I now travel to Toronto to get trained by Amanda on a monthly basis.  She’s worth the travel time and so much more!!! There is truly no one like her.”

Jean Maldonado


“I decided to get fit for the same reasons a lot of people do – I outgrew multiple wardrobe and was on the path to an unhealthy life ahead. I started going to the gym and participated in mediocre exercises – but at the time I did not know it.

I was introduced to Amanda after not seeing results on my own. Ever since I had my first workout with Amanda I never looked back. Sure I had a bruised ego and sore muscles, but I realized that I needed someone on my side with expertise and motivation.

Amanda invests herself in her clients and she truly roots for you. Her workouts are never boring. She's innovative and never lets you give up on yourself. Thanks to her, I now know what mediocre exercise is. She's reshaped my body and mind and my strength has increased and continues to. I can't wait for my next workout – it hurts so good!
Markella (LAST NAME)


“I used to hate exercising and had a chronic habit of comfort eating until I met Amanda.  I was 208 lbs.  Amanda started me at a level I was comfortable in and she gradually increased my workout pace.  Now I am 155 lbs and I feel great! I went from a size 16 to a size 10.

What separates Amanda from other trainers is that she not only is an excellent trainer but she also motivates, inspires and personalizes with all of her clients.  She only recommends foods, products, even exercise routines only after she has tried them out herself and is satisfied with the results.  She actually cares about your results and will not hesitate to let you know when you are slacking off!

 Now, I actually enjoy exercising and thanks to Amanda’s coaching I eat consciously as well.  Oh Yeah… I will be a life-timer with Amanda!!!”
Farah Dhirani


“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Amanda Aivaliotis for the past 3 ½ years.

Although I have always exercised on a regular basis, Amanda has significantly increased my strength, balance and coordination. 

I am now 52 years young and along with having more energy, I know that by continuing to train with Amanda I will be less likely to sustain injuries during routine day to day activities and be able to continue enjoying an active lifestyle for many more years.”
Helen Silverstein 


Results are what it's all about

Lisa is 28 year old office worker.
She was dissatisfied with her body
and lacked confidence. We took a hard
look at Lisa's lifestyle and determined that
an effective way for her to burn calories
was through a combination of strength
(weights) and cardio training.
in 12 weeks Lisa went from a size 10 to
a size 2 and now has ton of confidence.

Amanda Aivaliotis, The Travelling Trainer, provides one of the most complete personal training service offerings in North America including:
Full Assessment • Body Training • Group Training Sessions • In-Studio Sessions • On-Site Sessions • Nutrition Advice • Diet Design • Massage Therapies & Targeted Weight Loss Programs

Amanda's Studio/Gym is located at 400 Finchdene, Unit 13, Scarborough Ontario Phone 416 605-4462. Click Here for a location map.