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Image Works Lifestyle Change Awareness Form


Optimum health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not with absence of disease and infirmity.

Check each item below that you feel is important to you to help attain optimum health.

Physical Activity and Excercise
Physical activity is any movement that the body produced by the skeletal muscles.
Body Image and Composition
In order to create a healthy body composition and image, we must understand the difference between fat weight (body fat %) and fat free weight (lean body tissue). If we balance the amount of energy in food and the amount of energy our body utilizes we can maintain a healthy body composition.

How much weight would you feel you need to lose to get to your ideal body composition?
A healthy Nutrition plan consists of a variety of food that is available, affordable, and enjoyable. These foods should be provided in the right balance to help attain a healthy body composition.

Please describe a day of typical eating
Personal Health
When did you last:

Have you ever been told by a health professional that you have:

Did either of your parents, family members, before the age of 60, have or die from:

Do any of the following areas have any discomfort or been injured?

Results are what it's all about

Lisa is 28 year old office worker.
She was dissatisfied with her body
and lacked confidence. We took a hard
look at Lisa's lifestyle and determined that
an effective way for her to burn calories
was through a combination of strength
(weights) and cardio training.
in 12 weeks Lisa went from a size 10 to
a size 2 and now has ton of confidence.

Amanda Aivaliotis, The Travelling Trainer, provides one of the most complete personal training service offerings in North America including:
Full Assessment • Body Training • Group Training Sessions • In-Studio Sessions • On-Site Sessions • Nutrition Advice • Diet Design • Massage Therapies & Targeted Weight Loss Programs

Amanda's Studio/Gym is located at 400 Finchdene, Unit 13, Scarborough Ontario Phone 416 605-4462. Click Here for a location map.