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Throughout her childhood, Amanda Aivaliotis was overweight. When she became a teenager, she knew she would have to do something about that if she was going to realize any of the ambitious goals she had set for herself.

Amanda joined a gym and started training at the age of 15. Only a year later, she won her first Bodybuilding competition. At that point, she knew that fitness and training were going to be a huge part of her life.

Her first step was getting her Fitness Instructor certification, which allowed her to teach aerobic classes. The next year she received her Fitness Appraiser and Personal Training certifications, which allowed her to test clients and design programs for them.

At the same time, Amanda continued with her bodybuilding and won both provincial and international championships on the junior circuit. But even though she was a champion bodybuilder and had achieved an extremely high level of fitness, her weight continued to fluctuate sometimes by up to 50 lbs. She also know that a routine of extreme dieting
was not healthy, so on her own she began to study diet and nutrition in depth.

The knowledge she acquired in this area allowed her to gain control of her weight. But it also taught her a great deal about the connection between physical activity and nutrition, both of which factor strongly into the customized programs she designs for her clients today.

As Amanda established herself as one of the top personal trainers in North America, she has invested  substantially in her business. Though she markets herself as The Travelling Trainer, and spends a great deal of her time working with clients in their own personal or corporate environments, she also owns and operates a fully equipped private gym and workout facility in Scarborough, Ontario.

Through hard work, study and hands-on experience, Amanda has grown into one of the most well-rounded professionals in the personal training industry. Her training staff members are the best in the business. Her clients include business executives, home makers, elite athletes and corporations. Her services are equally as diverse, ranging from individualized programs to group sessions, from nutrition planning to corporate gym facility design. She works frequently with people with injuries. She is a columnist and advisor. But most importantly, she is an individual who understands just how challenging getting and staying fit can be these days.


  • S.A.C. Dip.
  • Sports Therapist (Stonebridge College)
  • A.C.E. (American Council of Exercise
  • Personal Training Certification)
  • C. A. S.S. Registered Fitness Appraiser
  • (University of Waterloo)
  • Certified Fitness Instructor/A.C.S.S.
  • (YMCA Canada)


  • Central Teenage Ontario, Jr. Ontario,
  • Jr. Canada, Ontario,
  • Canadian National Champion
  • North American Champion
  • Power Lifting:  
  • Kitchener/Ontario Champion
  • Ontario Champion


  • Cancer Fitness Book with
    physiatrist Dr. Shayne Ladak

  • Canadian Defence Review (regular
    column from Dec 2006 to Dec 2007)


  • Lori-Ann Muentzer
    (Olympic gold medal winner for track cycling, 2004)
  • Nutritional Plan & Dry Land Training
  • Donna Clarke (Olympic long jump)
    Weight & Power Training
  • Dry Land Training For European Hockey Players


Results are what it's all about

Lisa is 28 year old office worker.
She was dissatisfied with her body
and lacked confidence. We took a hard
look at Lisa's lifestyle and determined that
an effective way for her to burn calories
was through a combination of strength
(weights) and cardio training.
in 12 weeks Lisa went from a size 10 to
a size 2 and now has ton of confidence.

Amanda Aivaliotis, The Travelling Trainer, provides one of the most complete personal training service offerings in North America including:
Full Assessment • Body Training • Group Training Sessions • In-Studio Sessions • On-Site Sessions • Nutrition Advice • Diet Design • Massage Therapies & Targeted Weight Loss Programs

Amanda's Studio/Gym is located at 400 Finchdene, Unit 13, Scarborough Ontario Phone 416 605-4462. Click Here for a location map.