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Amanda's 'You First' Approach.

Amanda's "You-First" approach to program design means that her programs are all customized to fit the needs and goals of just one person...you.

The unique feature of every "You-First" program is that it doesn't just take into account the results you wish to achieve, but also your lifestyle. This is very important because:

  • It makes every program that much easier to incorporate into your day to day activities...
  • It is designed to identify and combat the specific stresses that your particular lifestyle brings with it...and
  • Most importantly, because your program is really truly 'organic', it will be that much easier for you to stay with, which, in turn will help you achieve your desired results faster and more effectively.

The development of a "You-First" program takes a bit more time and requires more information and insight than an off the shelf training program. But the results that can be achieved are well worth the extra effort.

Amanda's Program Design + Amanda's Expert Training Staff = Success

The first step to a great "You-First" program is to be able to communicate just what you want your program to achieve through a detailed questionnaire and interview process.
Then, when your program is designed, one of Amanda's expert trainers will work with you to make sure you are doing everything correctly, and that all the objectives and goals built into the program are being achieved.

Amanda has designed "You-First" programs for literally thousands people individuals and  corporate groups. The level of success her clients have been able to achieve is uniformly outstanding (link to testimonials). And Amanda and her expert training staff can do the same for you.

Results are what it's all about

Lisa is 28 year old office worker.
She was dissatisfied with her body
and lacked confidence. We took a hard
look at Lisa's lifestyle and determined that
an effective way for her to burn calories
was through a combination of strength
(weights) and cardio training.
in 12 weeks Lisa went from a size 10 to
a size 2 and now has ton of confidence.

Amanda Aivaliotis, The Travelling Trainer, provides one of the most complete personal training service offerings in North America including:
Full Assessment • Body Training • Group Training Sessions • In-Studio Sessions • On-Site Sessions • Nutrition Advice • Diet Design • Massage Therapies & Targeted Weight Loss Programs

Amanda's Studio/Gym is located at 400 Finchdene, Unit 13, Scarborough Ontario Phone 416 605-4462. Click Here for a location map.