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Sports specialist, Abdul Sagar has over 20 years of experience within the fitness field. He holds multiple Personal Training certifications, including American Council on Exercise (ACE).  His knowledge and insight has achieved multiple successes. He gets his clients the results they want by strategically balancing the five components of optimum physical fitness, cardio respiratory endurance, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility and Body composition.

THERE IS AN ATHLETE IN ALL OF US: Whether you are training for a triathlon, trying to improve your jump shot, decrease your handicap in golf or improve your performance at any sport that you are participating in, Abdul Sagar can design a program for you. Abdul will design a program that helps you strengthen your physical weaknesses that are limiting your ability to achieve your full potential. A thorough analysis will be performed along with the completion of a goal sheet that will direct Abdul (sports specific training specialist) in the design and implementation of your Sports Specific Program.

One of the best physiological advantages gained from Abdul’s workout schedule is hypertrophy. It refers to the increase in size to a muscle, which leads to an increase in strength due to overload. He is a master at combining the four dimensions of exercise overload (Type, Frequency, Intensity and Duration) in a fun, safe and effective way. 

Abdul also incorporates the psychological aspect of training by advising interested individuals on the best ways to achieve their body image goals.  Abdul effectively focuses on the five D's, Drive, Desire, Dedication, Determination and Discipline. This powerful combination allows for extraordinary mental and physical rewards to occur in a short amount of time. This creates a fantastic (cross training) workout while using great time management skills. 

Abdul teaches his clients about nutrition and the importance of creating healthy eating habits. He elaborates on the major food groups and suggests what types of food to eat at what times of the day. Remembering that balance, moderation and consistency are what make up a solid nutritional plan.

Flexibility is yet another important aspect of Abdul’s training philosophy. Stretching helps prepare gradual metabolic adaptation, decrease risk of injury, prevent muscle soreness and increase range of motion. Incorporating a variety of stretches into a well-balanced exercise program is essential.  Abdul not only trains his clients to be the best they can be, he also puts his tools and techniques to use in a variety of competitive environments. He has competed in numerous bodybuilding shows and has won many titles, National and international. Abdul has a high success rate for making positive changes in his clients’ lives. This is largely due to his non-intimidating approach to exercise and nutrition. Not to mention, his enthusiastic personality and overwhelming passion for life.  

Amanda Aivaliotis, The Travelling Trainer, provides one of the most complete personal training service offerings in North America including:
Full Assessment • Body Training • Group Training Sessions • In-Studio Sessions • On-Site Sessions • Nutrition Advice • Diet Design • Massage Therapies & Targeted Weight Loss Programs

Amanda's Studio/Gym is located at 400 Finchdene, Unit 13, Scarborough Ontario Phone 416 605-4462. Click Here for a location map.